The 30-Day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge
With Oren Mellul & Tamir Nahor

The 30-Day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge

With Oren Mellul & Tamir Nahor

Meet your instructor - Oren Mellul

Attention New & Beginner Level Krav Maga Practitioners!
30-day Krav Maga Fitness Home Challenge: The Course That Gets Results... Guaranteed!
Hi, I’m Tamir Nahor and I am a Krav Maga expert who has now helped over thousands of people to become confident and to be capable of defending themselves with Krav Maga.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about learning Krav Maga in the Covid 19 times!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's the belief that it is impossible to develop self-defense skills from home online.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because our world will be different once this pandemic is over, and we really don't know how.

Which means you have to learn how to handle stressful situations and defend yourself NOW.
But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
There I was, a young man with lack of self-confidence trying to learn martial arts so I can defend myself.

The thing is, at the time I was struggling at dealing with stressful situations.

The turning point for me was when I got beaten up by random drunk guys and couldn't defend myself or my friends. Suddenly, I realized that martial arts training never prepared me for the real life scenarios, which killed my self-confidence.
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I got to join a Krav Maga class!
Instantly it became crystal clear to me what I need to do in order to learn how to defend myself and my loved ones and handle stress in real life situations, because I saw the true essence of Krav Maga training.

My plan was to start learning Krav Maga from the experts.

So I started searching for the best Krav Maga school in all of Israel. I found out about Oren Mellul. The youngest person in Israel that became a Krav Maga black belt. It was then when I realized that my dream is to teach people how to defend themselves and become confident with the power of Krav Maga.

I then began my journey to become a Krav Maga Instructor in the IDF. To learn from the source how soldiers apply Krav Maga. I became the head Krav Maga instructor of the officer leadership school of the IDF. And had the privilege to teach over 5,000 soldiers Krav Maga.

After my release from duty, I opened my own Krav Maga school in Tel Aviv. Where I teach kids and adults how to do Krav Maga.

But I didn't stop there. I wanted to learn how to really get results for my students, and so, I started learning psychology to understand the mindset and neurology behind self-defense and the application of Krav Maga. I have joined forces with Oren Mellul which has a master in NLP to create the best Krav Maga training to take our students to the next level.

Bottom line: In the end we were able to transform the lives of hundreds of our students who are now graduate Krav Maga students. And as for myself, I can stand up straight with my shoulders back as I move forward in my life.

Building on that success, we decided to create a course that can take any person to the next Krav Maga level.

We call it “The 30-day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge”.

With the 30-day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge I can now guide any person from all around the planet, how to learn, practice and apply Krav Maga from home!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!
So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a new Krav Maga practitioner who really needs to join a Krav Maga school, but can't leave home because of covid 19, here's the solution you've been looking for...
30-day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge
30-day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge helps you:
1. Become confident in your ability to protect yourself...
2. Learn Krav Maga from home without any special equipment...
3. Get in shape in a fun and challenging way...
4. Stay motivated throughout the entire course by joining a community of Krav Maga students...
5. Start your journey to learn Krav Maga and to defend yourself...

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "30-day Krav Maga Fitness Challenge" in less than a couple of weeks and it costs less than the cost of a fancy dinner out of the town.

So again, if you're new to Krav Maga and want to learn Krav Maga and get in shape from home, understand this:

This course will only be available now because of the Covid 19 quarantine. When it's done, this course will be gone forever...

Right now you have the time to start your journey of Krav Maga...

Our world will be different once this pandemic is over, so you better prepare now for whats to come after...
Now it's time for you....
To Begin YOUR Journey
Here's to your success with Krav Maga Fitness!

Tamir Nahor
PS - If you're sick and tired of the belief that it is impossible to develop self-defense skills from home online, then Krav Maga Fitness at home is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
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